To empower individuals to be independent and self-sufficient by facilitating
their job search and retention with training and supported employment.

Se habla español.


As your Job Developer, I am responsible for promoting job search clients to the employer community and liaising with employers to obtain job leads and to identify jobs. This includes working closely with the job search facilitators to ensure the service reflects participants’ needs, abilities and employment goals. As well, I will coach, support and monitor clients in the initial stages of employment and maintain relations with employers.

We are expected to keep up with changes in the field, have current knowledge of the job market and, together with colleagues, develop and maintain innovative programming that achieves the highest standards in employment practices and adult education.
Your success is extremely important to us.


• Design a resume that is right for the job that you are applying for
• Cover letter
• Identify employment opportunities
• Fill job applications online or written
• Contact employers via email, phone or in person
• Practice interviews
• Thank you letters after the interview
• On-the-job training


Please call (608) 492-0392 or email irais@ivquest.us.

You can also write at 2949 Venture Dr, Suite 114, Janesville, WI 53546

You may leave me a message.